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ОписаниеThe REXML parser in Ruby 1.9.x before 1.9.3 patchlevel 551, 2.0.x before 2.0.0 patchlevel 598, and 2.1.x before 2.1.5 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (CPU and memory consumption) a crafted XML document containing an empty string in an entity that is used in a large number of nested entity references, aka an XML Entity Expansion (XEE) attack.  NOTE: this vulnerability exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2013-1821 and CVE-2014-8080.
CVSS score5
CVSS vector(AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:N/I:N/A:P)
PhaseAssigned (09.10.2015)
ReferencesSECUNIA : 59948
 SECUNIA : 62748
 DEBIAN : DSA-3157
 DEBIAN : DSA-3159
 CONFIRM : https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/news/2014/11/13/rexml...
 SUSE : openSUSE-SU-2014:1589
 SUSE : openSUSE-SU-2015:0002
 SUSE : openSUSE-SU-2015:0007
 REDHAT : RHSA-2014:1911
 REDHAT : RHSA-2014:1912
 REDHAT : RHSA-2014:1913
 REDHAT : RHSA-2014:1914
 UBUNTU : USN-2412-1
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