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  Утечка информации через Safari в Mac OS X (information leak)

  safari's saved password at risk

From:poplix_(at)_papusia.org <poplix_(at)_papusia.org>
Date:15 мая 2007 г.
Subject:Apple Safari on MacOSX may reveal user's saved passwords

Apple Safari on Macosx may reveal user's saved passwords. A local user with legitimate access to the system is able to steal keychained password by injecting javascripts into a loaded webpage via applescript.
It seems that safari fails to validate the source of injected code, however apple belives this is the correct behaviour so no fixes will be made available.

this proof of concept scpt file will display the password loaded by safari into an html object named "password":

tell application "Safari"
       do JavaScript "alert(document.loginform.password.value)" in document 1
end tell

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