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From:securityresearch_(at)_netvigilance.com <securityresearch_(at)_netvigilance.com>
Date:18 июня 2007 г.
Subject:[Full-disclosure] Utopia News Pro version 1.4.0 XSS Attack Vulnerability

netVigilance Security Advisory #34
Utopia News Pro version 1.4.0 XSS Attack Vulnerability
Utopia News Pro is a powerful and scalable news management system for any web site. News Pro, written in PHP and backed by the renowned MySQL database
system, Utopia Software's News Pro is an ideal software solution for your site. Support for multiple users and multiple user levels. Also includes avatar
and comments support. All settings can be changed in the web-accessible control panel.
Successful exploitation requires that attacker entered 6 times the wrong password for the existing username.
Advisory URL:
External References:
Mitre CVE:  CVE-2007-3129
NVD NIST: CVE-2007-3129
OSVDB: 34165
Utopia News Pro is a powerful and scalable news management system for any web site.
Security problem in the product allows attackers to conduct XSS attacks.
Release Date:

Risk: Medium

CVSS Metrics:
Access Vector: Remote
Access Complexity: High
Authentication: Not-required
Confidentiality Impact: Partial
Integrity Impact: Partial
Availability Impact: Partial
Impact Bias: Normal
CVSS Base Score: 5.6

Target Distribution on Internet: Low

Exploitability: Functional Exploit
Remediation Level: Workaround
Report Confidence: Uncorroborated

Vulnerability Impact: Attack
Host Impact: XSS Attack
SecureScout Testcase ID:
TC 17964
Vulnerable Systems:
Utopia News Pro version 1.4.0
Vulnerability Type:
XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) to force a web-site to display malicious contents to the target, by sending a specially crafted request to the web-site. The
vulnerable web-site is not the target of attack but is used as a tool for the hacker in the attack of the victim.
Utopia Software
Vendor Status:
The Vendor has been notified several times on many different email addresses last on 6 June 2007. The Vendor has not responded. There is no official fix
at the release of this Security Advisory.
The attacker must commit 6 unsuccessful login attempts with 'admin' username. So he will be able to see CAPTCHA.
http://[TARGET]/[UTOPIA NEWS PRO-DIRECTORY]/login.php?username=admin
will execute <script>alert(document.cookie)</script>
Jesper Jurcenoks
Co-founder netVigilance, Inc

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