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From:David Litchfield <davidl_(at)_ngssoftware.com>
Date:26 августа 2009 г.
Subject:Oracle PL/SQL Injection Flaw in REPCAT_RPC.VALIDATE_REMOTE_RC

Hey all,
The Oracle REPCAT_RPC.VALIDATE_REMOTE_RC function executes blocks of
anonymous PL/SQL that can be influenced by an attacker to execute arbitrary
PL/SQL. As this package is only accessible directly by SYS this flaw would
not normally present a risk. However, the REPCAT_RPC.VALIDATE_REMOTE_RC
function can be used as an auxiliary inject function to escalate privileges.
This is described in a paper I wrote in February 2007 after reporting the
issue but am only releasing now as the flaw has fixed by Oracle in their
July 2009 Critical Patch Update. This flaw documents the currently
unspecified flaw at

The paper is available from

Please note that many of the techniques discussed in this paper have been
superceded by cursor injection
(http://www.databasesecurity.com/dbsec/cursor-injection.pdf) which was
written 3 days after.

David Litchfield
NGSSoftware Ltd


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