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From:Andrei Rimsa <rimsa_(at)_live.com>
Date:8 июля 2010 г.
Subject:Exponent Slideshow XSS Vulnerability

Title: Exponent Slideshow XSS Vulnerability
Vendor: Exponent
Product: Exponent CMS
Tested Version: 0.97.0
Threat Class: XSS
Severity: High
Remote: yes
Local: no
Discovered By: Andrei Rimsa Alvares

===== Description =====

The file "modules/slideshowmodule/slideshow.js.php" is prone to XSS vulnerabilities. Multiple instance of
variable $_GET['u'] gets outputted to the page without proper sanitization.

===== Impact =====

Malicious java script code can be executed in the context of the affected web site.

===== Proof of Concept =====


===== Workaround =====

No workaround is available at the time.

===== Disclosure Timeline =====

June, 16 2010 - Vendor notification.
July, 07 2010 - No vendor reply. Public disclosure.

===== References =====

Hotmail: Powerful Free email with security by Microsoft.

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