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  Проблема символьных линков в Config::IniFiles

Date:3 сентября 2012 г.
Subject:[USN-1543-1] Config-IniFiles vulnerability

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-1543-1
August 20, 2012

libconfig-inifiles-perl vulnerability

A security issue affects these releases of Ubuntu and its derivatives:

- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
- Ubuntu 11.10
- Ubuntu 11.04
- Ubuntu 10.04 LTS


Config-IniFiles could be made to overwrite arbitrary files.

Software Description:
- libconfig-inifiles-perl: Perl module for working with INI configuration files


It was discovered that the perl Config::IniFiles module created temporary
files in an unsafe manner. A local user with write access to the directory
containing a configuration file that Config-IniFiles manipulates could
exploit this to overwrite arbitrary files.

Update instructions:

The problem can be corrected by updating your system to the following
package versions:

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS:
 libconfig-inifiles-perl         2.68-1ubuntu0.12.04.1

Ubuntu 11.10:
 libconfig-inifiles-perl         2.68-1ubuntu0.11.10.1

Ubuntu 11.04:
 libconfig-inifiles-perl         2.58-1ubuntu0.1

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS:
 libconfig-inifiles-perl         2.52-1ubuntu0.1

In general, a standard system update will make all the necessary changes.


Package Information:

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