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  Уязвимости безопасности в D-Link DCS-2103

  AoF ana CSRF vulnerabilities in D-Link DCS-2103

  CSRF and XSS vulnerabilities in D-Link DCS-2103

  Vulnerabilities in D-Link DCS-2103

From:MustLive <mustlive_(at)_websecurity.com.ua>
Date:29 декабря 2014 г.
Subject:BF and XSS vulnerabilities in D-Link DCS-2103

Hello 3APA3A!

There are Brute Force and Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities in D-Link DCS-2103 (IP camera). If previous Path Traversal and Full path disclosure vulnerabilities were post-auth, then these BF and XSS vulnerabilities are pre-auth.

Affected products:

Vulnerable is the next model: D-Link DCS-2103, Firmware 1.0.0. For BF vulnerability version 1.20 and previous versions are vulnerable.

Developers refused to fix BF vulnerability (they think that it's problem of a user to have strong password) and XSS vulnerability was fixed in firmware version 1.20.


Brute Force (WASC-11):


No protection from BF attacks.

Cross-Site Scripting (WASC-08):



2014.05.22-2014.11.26 - conversation with D-Link about vulnerabilities in DAP-1360.
2014.08.01 - announced at my site about vulnerabilities in DCS-2103.
2014.11.14-2014.12.13 - conversation with D-Link about vulnerabilities in DCS-2103.
2014.12.16 - disclosed at my site (http://websecurity.com.ua/7288/).

I found this and other web cameras during summer to watch terrorists activities in Donetsk and Lugansks regions of Ukraine (http://lists.webappsec.org/pipermail/websecurity_lists.webappsec.org/2014-No
) and also I took under control web cameras in Russia (http://lists.webappsec.org/pipermail/websecurity_lists.webappsec.org/2014-De

Best wishes & regards,
Eugene Dokukin aka MustLive
Administrator of Websecurity web site

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