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apachedos.plexploit for apache ap_get_mime_headers_core() vuln
drcat.cProof of Concept DRCATD Remote exploit
utilmaned2.cUtility Manager exploit v2.666 modified by kralor
linkWhat A Drag
utilmaned1.cLocal elevation of priviliges exploit for win2k Utility Manager to work on any win2k
ms04_022.cppMicrosoft Windows 2K/XP Task Scheduler Vulnerability (MS04-022) Proof-of-Concept Exploit for English WinXP SP1
Posixexp.cMicrosoft Windows POSIX Subsystem Local Privilege Escalation Exploit (MS04-020)
UtilManExploit2.c Microsoft Windows Utility Mnanager Exploit II
winldt.cWindows Expand-Down Data Segment Local Privilege Escalation [MS04-011]
x_hpux_xfs.plExploit xfs command of HPUX to get bin gid shell.
x_invscoutd.plExploit invscoutd of Aix4.x & 5L to get a uid=0 shell.
mysql.authentication.bypass_client.c.diffMySQL Authentication Bypass Client Patch Proof Of Concept Exploit
drcat_xploit.cMultilocal PoC exploit for DrCat 0.5.0-beta
phpmy-explt.cphpMyAdmin-2.5.7 exploit
jvmcrash.javaHarmful java applet crashing with assertion
ArgoXP.cWIndows XP UPNP exploit
rlprd.pyrlprd 2.0.4 remote root exploit
wert_orenosv_expl.rarPoC xploit for OrenOSV
unsecure.zipCode execution in the Unreal Engine through \secure\ packet PoC
h7kill.cProof of concept - remote ircd-hybrid-7/ircd-ratbox DoS
frstorex.cfrstor Local Kernel exploit
poc.cppPoC DNS cache poisoning attack SEF 8 and later (by fryxar)
priv8ibserver.plPriv8security.com remote exploit for Borland Interbase 7.1 SP 2 and lower
jelexploit.zipInternet explorer 6 execution of arbitrary code exploit
CVS_Linux.cCVS Remote Entry Line Heap Overflow Root Exploit (Linux/FreeBSD)
CVS_Solaris.cCVS Remote Entry Line Heap Overflow Root Exploit (Solaris Ver.)
linksysill.cLinksys BOOTP Memory Leak exploit
EXP_OmniHTTPd.BATOmniHTTP integer overflow exploit
rockIT.zipOutlook 2003 silent delivery and installation demonstration
lsassaroot.zipLSASS Arooter by Sub
HOD-symantec-firewall-DoS-expl.cSymantec Multiple Firewall DNS Response Denial-of-Service Exploit (PoC)
outpostcrash.zipOutpost MIME recursion DoS example
Mdaemon7.0.1Stack.pyMdaemon 7.0.1 IMAP overflow demonstration
poundex.cPound <=1.5 remote format string exploit (public version)
monitex.plMonit 4.1 remote shell exploit (HTTP)
paxdos.cPaX w/ CONFIG_PAX_RANDMMAP for Linux 2.6.x DoS proof-of-concept
linkMcAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Remote Compromise Vulnerabi
pax-poc.tar.gzUniversal return-into-(g)libc exploit for PAX protected application
sq-chpass-exp.cSquirrelmail chpasswd local root exploit by deadcraft
dwgenkey.cdameware generate key program
dir_trav2.lhaLHA directory traversal overflow test 2
dir_trav1.lhaLHA directory traversal overflow test 1
buf_oflow.lhaLHA buffer overflow test
HOD-ms04011-lsasrv-expl.cMS04011 Lsasrv.dll RPC buffer overflow remote exploit (PoC)
ms04011lsass.rarWindows Lsasrv.dll RPC [ms04011] buffer overflow Remote Exploit
osvdb-4030-exploit.zipTCP Reset Spoofing Generic Exploits
iis5x_ssl_pct.pmMetasploit Microsoft IIS SSL PCT Module
THCIISSLame.cIIS 5 SSL remote root exploit
Exch.plExchange pop3 remote exploit
setsockopt_poc.cLinux kernel setsockopt MCAST_MSFILTER integer overflow proof of concept code
SPK-chpasswd.tgzSquirrelmail Change_passwd Buffer Overflow Exploit
winzipmime.cWinZip MIME Parsing Buffer Overflow Exploit
UtilManExploit.cMicrosoft Windows Utility Manager PoC exploit
sslbomb.cSSL Remote DoS PoC
freebsdece.cIPFW ECE Firewall Bypassing Exploit
emule4x.plexploit for the DecodeBase16 stack based buffer overflow in emule <= 0.42d
305monit.cRemote Root Exploit for Monit <= 4.2
cobain-monit.plmonit <= 4.1 remote root exploit
rootme.tarSolaris vfs_getvfssw() local kernel exploit
557iss_pam_exp.ciss_pam1.dll remote exploits
etherealex.cEthereal IGAP Dissector Message Overflow Remote Root exploit
xp_ws_ftp_server.zipWS_FTP Server STAT command overflow
xp_ws_ftp_server2.zipWS_FTP server ALLO exploit
mdaemon-exploit.cRemote Exploit for Mdaemon version v6.85 and prior to 6.52
aionmex26.cmathopd 1.2/3/4/5b9 remote exploit
anubisexp.cGNU Anubis 3.6.2 remote root exploit
oseen_shoucast.cSHOUTcast v1.9.2 remote exploit
wftpdex.pyWftpd stat Command Remote Vulnerability Exploit
Wlan-DoS.cNortel Networks Wireless LAN Access Point 2200 DoS + PoC
mremap_pte.cmremap missing do_munmap return check kernel exploit
xp_wftpd.zipWFTPD buffer overflow exploit
pso.cPSO Remote exploit
exp-xboing.cxboing <=2.4 local game exploit
servu345.cServ-U FTPD 3.x/4.x/5.x "MDTM" Command remote overflow exploit
Servu2.cerv-U FTPD 2.x/3.x/4.x/5.x "MDTM" Command Remote Exploit
ex_servu.cServ-U MDTM exploits
psoproxy-exploit.cPSOProxy's exploit for Windows by Rosiello Security
THCimail.zipTHCimail v0.1 - Imail LDAP exploit
tfboom.zipTeam Factor DoS
lbreakout2-exp.clbreakout2 < 2.4beta-2 local exploit
PSOProxy-exp.cPSOProxy <= 0.91 remote buffer overflow (exploit)
shoutdown.01.tar.gzSHOUTcast 1.9.2 remote heap overrun exploit binary version by m00 Security
gatekeeperex.cGateKeeper Pro 4.7 remote sploit by kralor
imailex.ciMail v8.05 LDAP service remote sploit by kralor [Crpt]
robo.cRobotftp DoS exploit
dreamftpex.cFormat String Vulnerability in DreamFTP exploit
mremap_poc_2.cProof-of-concept exploit code for do_mremap() #2
MS04-007-dos.cMS04-007 LSASS.EXE Win2k Pro Remote Denial-of-Service Exploit
xfreeslex.cXFree86 Font Information File Buffer Overflow exploit
vserverex.cmodified the chroot-again exploit to work on vservers with "chmod 000 /vservers"
overkillex.c Simple local exploit for 0verkill by pi3 (pi3ki31ny)
serv-ME.cServ-U "SITE CHMOD" exploit
proxynow.plRemote Stack Overflow in ProxyNow! 2.x PoC Exploit
servu.cServ-U FTPD 3.x/4.x "SITE CHMOD" Command remote exploit V1.0
my.pics.zipSelf-Executing FOLDERS
serv.cserv-u 4.2 site chmod long_file_name stack overflow exp
mremap-exp.cLinux kernel mremap() bound checking bug exploit
sslexp.cOpenSSL ASN.1 parsing bugs PoC / brute forcer
batcrash.msgThe Bat! 2.01 memory corruption demostration
hdswftpex.cPoC exploit for Windows Ftp Server v1.6
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