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smbcrack.cWin9x netbios pass verif. exploit for unix
moduleloader.cexploit to disable the cylant system
ghttpdex.cGhttpd 1.4 remote exploit
xinetd0x69.cExploit for xinetd-
IPP_Exploit_v0.15.zipIPP Exploit for windows
activeweb.plActive Web Classifieds exploit
cronsl.cCrontab tmp file race condition exploit
ktv.shKTVision <= 0.1.1-271 local r00t exploit by IhaQueR
extremail-exp.ceXtremail Remote Format String exploit
aftpkill.EXEA-FTP Anonymous FTP Server Remote DoS attack
killcerb.EXECerberus FTP Server 1.x Remote DoS attack
LPRace.cLPRng-3.7.4-23 (and earlier) + tetex-1.0.7-7 Insecure tmp file privilege elevation vulnerability.
ghttpd.cGazTek HTTP Daemon v1.4 (ghttpd) Linux x86 remote exploit
xrxvt.shLocal exploit for xrxvt 2.6.2
bestcryptbo.cBuffer overflow in BestCrypt for Linux exploit
vvopenbsd.cOpenBSD 2.9,2.8 ptrace() local root compromise
apacheslash.plApache Artificially Long Slash Path Directory Listing Exploit
ShellsTrunz.shSlackware shells exploit
crypt-pw.cCrypt-PW bruteforce
cue.shHPUX / 800 models / Old-styled exploit for cue
su-wrapper.csu-wrapper 1.1.1 Local root exploit.
vudo.cvudo.c versus Red Hat Linux/Intel 6.2 (Zoot) sudo-1.6.1-1
pefdump.cdecoder for PassWD2000 v2.x PEF files
gnupig.tar.gzGnuPG format string exploit
twig.txtTwig webmail SQL exploit
ipaddr.zipNetshow multicast redirector buffer overun
ditchFreeBSD 4.3 local DoS via clean-tmps
pipe3.cppWin2K elevation of privileges
dqsexp.c/usr/bin/dsh(dqs 3.2.7 package) local root exploit
nbtstream.cNetBIOS session request flooder by 3APA3A
sfdnfy.shSendfile daemon local arbitrary command execution vulnerability
sfdfwd.shSendfile daemon local arbitrary command execution vulnerability
iis5hack.zipIIS5 .printer exploit ported to perl and win32
solmailxbo.cSolaris /usr/bin/mailx exploit (SPARC)
rdC-cfingerd.canother exploit for cfingerd (venomous)
cronboom.shVixie cron exploit
jillwin32.ZIPДырка в IIS 5 (Internet Printing Protocol buffer overflow) Win32 ported by einstein
c2900xl-crash.tgzA simple empty UDP packet sender
wabof3.cproof of concept *.AIP file for the Winamp 2.6x / 2.7x buffer overflow
hsrp-dos.tgzCisco HSRP Weakness/DoS
jill.cIIS 5 remote exploit.
solmailx.cSolaris /usr/bin/mailx overflow proof of conecpt.
border.cProof of concept DoS against novell border manager enterprise edition 3.5
Money_is_wrong.asxMicrosoft Media Player ASX Parser buffer overflow exploit
iishack2000.cIIS 5 IPP exploit
SNATCH-EIP-80808080.zipWinamp 2.73 buffer overflow
linkIRIX /usr/lib/print/netprint local root symbols exploit
wftpsploit.cWFTPD Pro 3.00 R4 Buffer Overflow exploit
kick_orcl.plThis little script crashes Oracle 8.0 on Windows NT 4.0 (Sp6)
x-cybersched.cCyberschedule TimeZONE buffer overflow (remote root)
x-startinfeed.cBuffer overflow in innfeed
badmess.zipThe Bat! CR bug demonstration
obftpdglobex.cOpenBSD 2.8 ftpd/glob exploit (breaks chroot)
turkey.c"gobble gobble" - REMOTE ROOT EXPLOIT FOR BSD FTPD
fingex.plCfingerd exploit to the recent syslog format bug.
strip-crack.cCrack passwords generated by strip
xsunex2.cSolaris Xsun buffer overflow
ns476gifcomment.phpNetscape 4.76 gif comment flaw
kcmsex.cCommand line argument overflow /usr/openwin/bin/kcms_configure
ntpdex.cntpd remote root exploit / babcia padlina ltd
crazywwwb-exploit.plProof of Concept exploit CrazyWWWBoard2000
epcs2.cexploit for execve/ptrace race condition in Linux kernel up to 2.2.18
dropper.m3uwinamp 2.63 buffer overflow exploit
dos-http.cProof of concept Websweeper Infinite HTTP Request DoS
squash-dgux-x86.cDGUX lpsched buffer overflow exploit
sshwinex.cRemote DoS attack against SSH Secure Shell for Windows Servers
suq_diq.zipWin32 application for encrypting and decrypting passwords from IBM Net.Commerce, WebSphere and possibly other IBM and Lotus applications
ascdcex.cascdc 0.3 buffer overflow exploit
ICQ-Protocol-Exploit.zipICQ Protocol exploit, send messages and receive from any ICQ UIN
fcronex.cfcrontab exploit by _kiss_
inetddos.cInetd DoS exploit bY Serega[Linux]
SERVU25I.JAVAServ-U 2.5i DoS
mercurbo.cMERCUR Mailserver 3.3 Remote Buffer Overflow exploit
asxswitch.cASX switch DoS
licqkill.c Licq DoS exploit
sshdexpl.diff.gzcrc32 ssh(d) bug exploit diff files for the openssh-2.1.1 package
exploit.plAdcycle v0.78b eXploit
bind_expl.cfixed named 8.2.x remote exploit by
bind_expl.cfixed named 8.2.x remote exploit by
pcawdos.plSymantec PcAnywhere 9.0 Denial of Service
manexpl.shlocal man -l exploit
linuxsysctl.cLinux sysctl negative argument exploit
bind8x.clame named 8.2.x remote exploit
xmailx.cXMail CTRLServer remote root exploit for linux/x86
prospero.plcrack for prospero PINs
aqtex.cApple QuickTime 4.1.2 plug-in exploit
ximpex.cSolaris ximp40 shared library exploit for Solaris8 Intel Edition
crazy.plCrazyWWWBoard.cgi Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit for i386 Linux
guestrook.cRemote exploit for guestbook.cgi version 4.12 (below?)
mutation.cDisables all network connectivity through Winsock
jazip-exp.caZip-0.32 local buffer overflow exploit (tested on debian)
ecepass.tgzecepass - proof of concept code for FreeBSD ipfw bypass
ns-shtml.plexploit for the buffer overflow in Netscape Enterprise Server (iPlanet Web Server) 4.0 and 4.1
unitools.tgzshell on IIS server with Unicode using *only* HTTP
MySQLXploit.cLinux MySQL Exploit by Luis Miguel Silva [aka wC]
PKCicecast-ex.cExploits format string vulnerability in icecast 1.3.7
iris-dos.cDenial of Service attack against Iris The Network Traffic Analyzer beta 1.01
micRAq.cmicq-0.4.6 trmote linux exploit
cuex.cHP-UX /bin/cu exploit
write-exp.c/usr/bin/write overflow proof of conecpt Tested on Solaris 7 x86
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