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wsmp3xpl.cProof of Concept WSMP3 Remote root exploit
0x82-Zer00.shZeroo HTTP Server Remote root exploit for Linux
liteservecgi.plLiteServe 2.02 and prior - CGI Disclosure
libhttpdbo.cLib HTTPd Remote Buffer Overflow exploit by Xpl017Elz
linuxkerneldos.ci386 Linux kernel DoS (Christophe Devine)
lhttpdxpl.cProof of Concept LIGHT HTTPd Remote exploit by Xpl017Elz
inwebdos.plINweb Mail Server v2.01 Denial of Service Vulnerability by SecurityOffice
timer-exploit.cQNX timer exploit
accesspoint.cwireless access point information leakage proof of concept
swfexpl.zipMacromedia Flash ActiveX buffer overflow proof of concept
goodies.tar.gzJava program and a data file which can be used to manually reproduce the DCE-RPC DOS
PRPatphttpd.cProof of Concept Remote Exploit for ATP HTTP Daemon v0.4b
PRPghttpd.cProof of Concept Remote Exploit for GazTek HTTP Daemon v1.4-3
ex.cprover of concept code of windows help overflow
pptp.spkMicrosoft PPTP crash SPIKE script
grabble.tgzICQ protocol sniffer
efstool.cefstool/bof simple overflow in efstool
how-it-works.tar.gzSource code for zero width gif exploit generator:
img1.gifzero width gif - example exploit
afd-expl.cAFD 1.2.14 local root exploit by eSDee of Netric (www.netric.org)
Happy_labor_day.tarCompaq multiple bugs details
smbnuke.cWindows SMB DoS - Proof of concept
smb.dos.diffYet another SMB dos concept code (patch to samba-2.2.5)
SMBdie.zipproof of concept tool regarding MS02-045
shatter.zipWin32 'shatter' exploit
linkExploiting design flaws in the Win32 API for privilege escalation.
wuimap4lsubbo.pl IMAP4rev1 Remote Exploit Code (LSUB)
ciscoiostftpex.cCisco IOS Heap exploit prove of concept "Ultima Ratio".
holygrail.cSolaris 2.6, 2.7, 8 SPARC Platform Remote & Local Exploit
raq4lrex.shCobalt Linux 6.0 Local Root Exploit
iosmash2.cProof Of Concept exploit for the Freebsd file descriptors bug
MWS_exp.plDoS/root exploit for MyWebServer v.1.0.2.
linkIE SSL Exploit
mssql_hello_overflow.naslMS SQL Server Hello Overflow NASL script
lansuite-webserver-DoS.pl602Pro LAN SUITE 2002 webserver DoS
lansuite-proxy-DoS.pl602Pro LAN SUITE 2002 proxy DoS
sicillian.plProof of concept exploit for trillians irc module.
kstatpb.cWith this module you can hide tasks to KSTAT
lameident3-exp.cfakeidentd exploit 3rd revision.
bp_artsd.cKDE 2/3 artsd 1.0.0 local root exploit
analogex.plAnalogX Proxy Version 4.10 exploit for Japanese Windows 2000 Pro (SP2) written by Kanatoko <[email protected]>
imailexp.cIPSwitch IMail 7.11 remote 'SYSTEM' exploit
vmwarebo.cVMwareOverflowTest v1.0
codeblueex.cCodeblue SMTP response parsing overflow exploit
crtex.cremote shell exploit VanDyke SecureCRT 3.4 & 4.0 beta
mmaxexp.cSmartMax MailMax Standard/Professional 4.8 exploit
linkApache PHP DoS
tmosdos.zipTrend Micro Officescan Denial of Service
mercrexp.cMERCUR Mailserver buffer overflow remote exploit
atp-exploit.catphttpd exploit
realjbex.cRealJukebox2 Exploit for Windows Windows2000 Professional (Service Pack 2)
shambalax.cPoC exploit for the DoS in Shambala Server 4.5
kcms_sparc.ckcms_configure -o -S command line buffer overflow, SPARC/solaris 8
fartsy.pl/usr/sbin/artswrapper <local format string exploit>
wampexp.cWinamp 2.80a and all previous remote exploit (connect-back styles)
nn.plnn format string faked server exploit
ut.tgzUnreal Tournament DDoS attack
sshutup-theo.tar.gzOpenSSH 2.9.9 - 3.3 remote challenge-response exploit
2fax.c2fax local PoC exploit
apache-worm.cApache worm source
wmsexploit.zipMicrosoft Windows Media Player .WMS Arbitrary Script Vulnerability exploit
htx.cLocal apache DoS exploit
interbase_gds_lock_mgr.plgds_lock_mgr exploit for Interbase 6.0 linux beta
interbase_gds_drop.plgds_drop exploit for Interbase 6.0 linux beta
tracesex.plexploit code for the local format string vulnerability in TrACESroute 6.0 GOLD
working.tar13 local PoC root exploit programs for Progress Database
remorse.tar.gzSolaris 8 in.lpd remote root exploit
linkSelf-Executing HTML: Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0
mnewses.plRemote FreeBSD exploit for the Mnews port version 1.22
imaptools.tgzimap-uw remote file access utilities
cmeexp.cCMailServer 3.30 remote exploit
sendmail-filelock-dos.cSendmail file locking - PoC (c)
sendmail-DoS.cSendmail file locking - PoC (shellcode)
sendmail-DoS.SSendmail file locking - PoC (asm)
iedos/print.emlOutlook Express Special Device access POC
iedos/dos.emlOutlook Express Special Device DoS POC
73501867.cx86/linux mod_php v4.0.2rc1-v4.0.5 remote exploit
x2.tgzSSHD deattack exploit
cURL-remote-FBSD.plRemote FreeBSD cURL exploit for versions 6.1 - 7.4
cURL-remote-LNX.plRemote linux cURL exploit for versions 6.1 - 7.4
mailmerge/2files.zipMail merge vulnerability local POC
mailmerge/2mails.zipMail merge vulnerability Outlook Express POC
ecartisx.cecartis buffer overflow exploit
listarx.clistar buffer overflow exploit
pUll.plslrnpull -d PoC
iosmash.cstdio kernel bug in All releases of FreeBSD
DFM.exeICQ 2001/2002 contact list DoS
tgt_v1_x86Lnx.tar.gzLocal OpenSSH 2.2.0 - 3.1.0 Exploit from Marcell Fodor
tgt-x86Linux.tar.gzOpenSSH 2.2.0 - 3.1.0 local buffer overflow exploit
pos_expl2.clocal posadis m5pre1 buffer overflow exploit by eSDee
pos_expl.clocal posadis m5pre1 format string exploit by eSDee
linkBSD systems using YP with netgroups in the password database
icx.cicecast remote shell/root
8iwasbreakable.cYet another exploit for the 'Unbreakable' Oracle database
sqlcppx.cYet another Progress Database exploit (version ??)
osshchan.tgzOpenSSH channel_lookup() off by one exploit
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