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Перезапись служебных переменных через import_request_variables в PHP
Опубликовано:9 марта 2007 г.
SecurityVulns ID:7360
Уровень опасности:
Описание:При импорте внешних переменных могут быть перезаписаны внутренние структуры языка, такие как $_GET $_POST $_COOKIE $_FILES $_SERVER $_SESSION.
Затронутые продукты:PHP : PHP 4.4
 PHP : PHP 5.2
CVE:CVE-2007-1396 (The import_request_variables function in PHP 4.0.7 through 4.4.6, and 5.x before 5.2.2, when called without a prefix, does not prevent the (1) GET, (2) POST, (3) COOKIE, (4) FILES, (5) SERVER, (6) SESSION, and other superglobals from being overwritten, which allows remote attackers to spoof source IP address and Referer data, and have other unspecified impact. NOTE: it could be argued that this is a design limitation of PHP and that only the misuse of this feature, i.e. implementation bugs in applications, should be included in CVE. However, it has been fixed by the vendor.)
Оригинальный текстdocumentascii, [Full-disclosure] PHP import_request_variables() vs extract() (09.03.2007)
 documentStefano Di Paola, PHP import_request_variables() arbitrary variable overwrite (09.03.2007)

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