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  • 3proxy, (3APA3A 3proxy tiny freeware proxy server)
    3Proxy is really tiny cross-platform (Win32&Unix) proxy servers set.
  • 3scan updated: 08.11.2005
    3Scan is fast detector for open HTTP/CONNECT/SOCKS4/SOCKS5/FTP/TELNET proxy
    Tested to compile under both Windows and Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD - pthread support required). Windows executable included.
    It can check accesibiliy of given HTTP or SMTP server via given proxy.
    There is no feature to scan port and ip ranges, use it with nmap or another port scanner.
    Result is reported in return code (to use in batch files) and to stdout.
  • Spyfile updated: 07.03.2007
    Spyfile is small utility for stealth monitoring of file. It dumps changes to screen.
  • Spydir updated: 22.02.2007
    Spydir is small utility to monitor file changes in Windows directory regardless of subdirectory and files permissions (exploits CVE-2007-0843).
  • domain HELL and SECURITY.NNOV Matrix Screensaver (4K ZIP file)
    This is console text mode (no joke) screensaver with "Matrix effects". Coded by OFFliner (dH) and 3APA3A (SECURITY.NNOV). It doesn't support Windows 95/98 password locking. Difference? It doesn't make any processor-intensive operations, and is really simple. The history of this screensaver is quite interesintg - Matrix code was originally developed to exploit Internet Explorer buffer overflow.
  • RKDetect (by Offtopic) - Anomaly detection based rootkit detector, updated: 08.09.2004
  • sctune updated: 26.09.2003
    Reverse shell shellcode for Windows under 300 bytes, contains no \0, and space characters (I'm not asm guru, so you can try to make it shorter), all you need is to jump to shellcode. Connects to ip:port specified, brings cmd.exe to this port and terminates parent process. This one is not universal, so there is a turning script to automate setting up of addresses from kernel32.dll it requires. As a bonus it does fast JMP ESP search in memory for different DLLs, no more SoftICE required :)
  • SQLBrut (by Offtopic) - MS SQL server password bruteforcer with port scanner
  • Safe Run As (by Offtopic) - RunAs script with keylogger protection
  • TextCheck,
    TextCheck - abusive words ActiveX checker and filter
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