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From:revenge <revenge_(at)_0xcafebabe.it>
Date:22 ноября 2006 г.
Subject:ContentNow CMS 1.39 'pageid' Sql Injection + Path Disclosure Vulnerabilities

ContentNow CMS 1.39 Sql Injection + Path Disclosure Vulnerabilities

Severity : Medium risk
Vendor   : www.contentnow.mf4k.de
Author   : Alfredo 'revenge' Pesoli


[#] Description

ContentNow is a PHP Content Management System web 2.0 compliant, more info can be found at
vendor site.

ContentNow v1.39 is vulnerable to a sql injection and path disclosure.


Vuln #1  : Sql Injection
Impact   : Admin credentials disclosure (Manipulation of data)

Exploit  : http://www.0xcafebabe.it/sploits/contentnow_139_sqlinj.pl

The "pageid" parameter in "index.php" isn't properly sanitised before
being used in a sql query, this can be exploited to manipulate existing
SQL query by inserting arbitrary SQL code, which can disclose sensitive
information like admin credentials.

The problem is due to:
[ index.php ]
// get/set id or startpageid from config
       $pid = $_GET['pageid'];
       if (empty($pid) || $pid == 1) $pid = $cnEngine->configArray[0]['startpageid'];
 -->   if (false == $cnEngine->checkPid($pid)) die ('<span style="font:13px sans-serif;">
                       Error loading site. No pid found.</span>');

[ function checkPid($pid) from /cn/library/class.engine.php ]
function checkPid($pid) {
               $cnDatabase = NewADOConnection(ADODB_DB_TYPE);
               $cnDatabase->Connect(CN_DB_HOST, CN_DB_USER, CN_DB_PASSWORD, CN_DB_NAME);
               $sql = "SELECT pageid FROM ".CN_TBL_SECTIONS." WHERE pageid = ".$pid;
               $res = $cnDatabase->Execute($sql);
               if ($res->RecordCount() > 0) {
                       return true;
               } else {
                       return false;

As you can see there's no input validation on "pageid" parameter.
It is also possible to disclose the full path to index.php by requesting index.php?pageid='

[#] Solution

Download 1.40 version.

[#] Disclosure timeline

2006/11/20 Bugs discovered
2006/11/20 Vendor contacted
2006/11/21 Vendor response
2006/11/21 New version 1.40 patched
2006/11/22 Public Disclosure

Alfredo 'revenge' Pesoli

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