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From:Hackers Center Security Group <DoZ_(at)_hackerscenter.com>
Date:25 января 2007 г.
Subject:EzDatabase Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

EzDatabase Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Written in PHP and MySQL, ezDatabase is the foundation for your online databases. It is a powerful web based application that allows users with basic HTML knowledge to create online databases for their website. ezDatabase will do the hard work while you concentrate on building the databases you want.

EzDatabase is prone to a cross-site scripting vulnerability. This issue is due to a failure in the application to properly sanitize user-supplied input. Attackers may exploit this issue via a web client.

Hackers Center Security Group (http://www.hackerscenter.com)
Credit: Doz

Remote: NO
Local: Yes
Class: Input Validation Error

version: ezDatabase 2.1.3
Vendor: www.ezdatabase.org

Exploit: Admin Panel Database

Demo: www.ezdatabase.org/demo/admin/login.php

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